Bonaberi: FCFA 23 Million, 2,180 Euro Stolen in Broad-daylight

The burglars were dressed in military wear and armed with two automatic pistols and a machine gun.

Clients and workers of a money transfer agency located around Cimetière, Bonaberi, are still to catch their breath after three men of the underworld attacked the agency in broad daylight and made away with FCFA 23 million and 2,180 Euro. The scene, clients said, was like a Hollywood action film except that it wasn’t fiction.

According to police report, the burglars dressed in military uniform had two automatic pistols and a machine gun. They entered the money transfer agency as clients in the absence of the day watchman and held the occupants at gunpoint.

After collecting the money at about 2:30 PM, on September 29, they left without a trace.

Gendarmes have opened investigation into the matter.

Cameroon Tribune

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