Bike riders, security elements at the Kombou – Zavion check point choose peace

Bike riders and security elements at control posts in Babadjou subdivision, precisely at a check point along the Kombou – Zavion stretch leading to Magha in the South West Region, have been pointing accusing fingers at each other for a month.

Bike riders accused security elements of frequently taking money from them even when they say they have all their motorcycle documents. An accusation refuted by security elements who on their part accuse the bikers of insulting them and going against the law. The tensions led to a recent protest organized by bike riders, freezing circulation along the stretch.

Calm temporarily returned after the intervention of the Divisional Officer of Babadjou Yebga Ngos Mathieu Brice instructing the two parties to work hand in gloves given that the zone is border to the crisis – hit South West region.

An instruction that seemingly fell on deaf ears because the tensions continued with the recent arrestation of some bike riders along the stretch for going against the law. To avoid such clashes again, the Divisional Officer of Babadjou Yebga Ngos Mathieu Brice this time, organized a concertation meeting that gathered administrative, municipal and traditional authorities, bike riders as well as security forces on Tuesday March 21st to find a lasting solution to the problem.

Restructuring the Bike sector with the election of a Bike riders’ spokesperson who will ease collaboration between the two conflicting parties was the first resolution. Another resolution was that all bike riders be identifiable by having their documents and uniforms. Security forces on their part were again banned from taking money from bike riders, no matter the offense.

The resolutions, according to actors, will go a long way to reinforce the good relationship that has to exist between them.

“I’m really grateful for this gesture from the Divisional Officer of Babadjou, it means our cries are being heard. Before this, we had been considering these men as our enemies but now they are our best friends,” declared a bike rider.

We should recall that separatist fighters from Lebialem invaded the zone some years back, attacked and beheaded an element of the security force. Such collaboration is therefore needed to avoid such attacks.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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