Benny Hinn expresses regret for prosperity doctrine, apologizes for false prophecies

By Nfor Hanson and Ngala Hansel

World-renowned televangelist Benny Hinn has apologized for his ‘false prophecies’ and for being a proponent of the ‘prosperity theology’ The Christian Post has reported.

According to the publication, Hinn who is now 71 years old, said ‘The two things I regret most in ministry: I was not too wise a number of times with prophecy. I had guests come to the crusades that I think brought harm to not only people’s lives but also to my reputation because their prophecies were not really prophecy. They went outside the borders of redemption’.

‘And then there were times when I thought God had showed me something that He wasn’t showing me. And I spoke it out,’ Hinn said. ‘But in 1 Corinthians 13, we clearly see that we all prophesy in part. That means we don’t see the full picture. And sadly – and I wish I could go back and fix it – but sadly, there were some prophecies I gave that were not accurate or from the Lord.’

Source: Cameroon News Agency