Bahrain stresses deep commitment to combating terrorism

London, Bahrain has participated in a meeting with the Communications Working Group of the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh in London.

The Bahraini delegation was headed by Nancy Abdullah Jamal.

In her speech, she underscored the new activities of terrorist groups formed according to global events,.

Physically attending the meeting of the Group offers an opportunity in time and place to reflect on global developments to assess our position as a unified alliance, in order to be able to coordinate efforts with partners in a better way to face the challenges posed by Daesh or its affiliated groups or other similar groups, she said.

She said that at the beginning of the emergence of the dangers of Daesh, the whole world faced a malicious ideology that spreads extremism and hatred with hostile messages that seek to exploit weak communities.

Jamal said that the Coalition was able to confront radical ideas and combat them by paying attention to minor details in each culture, region and space in societies prone to extremism, through working together as partners to build and protect a global immunity.

She added that the challenge drastically escalated when the capabilities of the terrorist groups developed, their numbers increased, and their sources diversified, with the aim of causing harm to others.

However, the Coalition continued its efforts, kept pace with developments, and raised the collective ability to confront challenges thanks to the commitment of its member states.

She stressed that the challenge today has become even more complex, whereas the competing ideologies work more harmoniously with one another.

She noted that it has become necessary to re-examine the geopolitics of global events, and analyze their impact on the work of the Coalition, including the situation in Afghanistan and counter-terrorism policies on the African continent, the increasing Daesh attacks, the re-emergence of Al-Qaeda, the expansion of Hezbollah’s influence, and other factors affecting international stability.

We can protect ourselves from these threats only through concerted and coordinated efforts, she said.

Jamal stressed the Kingdom’s keen interest in combating global terrorism and said that the relevant national institutions are closely following terrorist networks operating in the region and abroad, all of which affect our national and regional security.

She said that Bahrain renews its commitment to combating terrorism through its partnership in this Coalition and by combating other ideologies that aim to threaten peace and stability in the region and across the world.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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