Bafoussam: Police dismantles fake beer production unit

A house in the Bamendzi neighbourhood in the Bafoussam I sub-division, transformed into a beer production unit by a 65-year-old man, has been dismantled by security elements.

The man who claimed to be an internally displaced person from the North West region is currently in police custody alongside a top loyal customer awaiting trial.

Stocks of the bottled beer and empty bottles were seized. Authorities say although the drinks look real or normal to the human eyes, the content is toxic.

“From a mere look, the drinks look original and fit for consumption but they are produced illegal by an individual in a nasty room in very insanitary conditions,” explained Lebe Koum, head of the anti-gang unit.

“From the bottles seized it is evident the suspect is specialized in producing fake Heineken, Castel and other beer products which he distributes to customers all over the town. Our investigation made us discover urine and different types of strange substances which the suspect mixes and bottles for commercialization. This is toxic to the health and imagine the lives at stake!” added Joseph Hamadjam, Divisional Commissioner of Police.

While interrogating the suspect during his presentation to the population on March 20, 2023, the 65-year-old declared he decided to engage in the illegal activity because of “hunger”. He also told the police he was running the business alone.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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