Bafoussam: markets given face-lift

Major markets in Bafoussam, chief town of the West Region have been renovated with up to date market infrastructure that were inaugurated by the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Celestine Ketcha Courtes.

The infrastructure evaluated at about F CFA 27 billion and funded by the French Development Agency, consist of an ultra modern cow park, a slaughterhouse, a vegetable market at marché Casablanca and a set of new shops at marché A. These infrastructure were recently constructed in the town of Bafoussam under the Debt Reduction-Development Contract (C2D).

The inauguration was done in presence Governor AWA FONKA AUGUSTINE, the Director of the French Development Agency Virginie Dago and the City mayor of Bafoussam who disclosed that the infrastructure will go a long way to ameliorate the market space of the local population.

“We are in this way responding to a social need of the population and also boosting the revenue of the council. The renovation of markets in Bafoussam was highly awaited,” declared Roger Tafam.

An initiative saluted by Virginie Dago, Director of the French Development Agency:

“I can see the fruits of the Cameroon – France corporation and and I’m really satisfied because there are concrete and visible results. It will develop the economy and trade will be done in confortable places.”

Celestine Ketcha Courtes on her part, while inaugurating the infrastructure, saluted the transformation process the town of Bafoussam is undergoing and called on the population to make good use of the gifts.

“I am very happy of what I have seen this day. We can see for ourselves the modernization process of Bafoussam with beautiful infrastructures as wished by the Head of State. This process is thanks to the Cameroon – France corporation. I expect discipline, responsibility and citizenship from the population because it is a heavy investment which should not be taken lightly. The population should pay their tickets so that the council can have money to fund other investment projects.”

The population on their part appreciated the infrastructure and said it will be of great help to them.

“We thank the authorities that be, for these gifts. I went around with the delegation and saw for myself. I am a trader in marché A. I promise to use my own portion responsibly. I also call on my mates to use it as if it was theirs,” a trader told us.

The infrastructure that is placed under the control of the Bafoussam City Council will help boost the council’s income and better the living conditions of the population.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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