ArtMatters.Info, APO Content Partner in Kenya, Invites Advertising and Content Partnership

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, ArtMatters[dot]Info (, a partner of APO, is a FREE-to-access independent public website, e-letter and magazine that flaunts the arts and culture.

ArtMatters[dot]Info – that is Available on both mobile and desktop – is popular across English-speaking Africa, North America, western Europe, Asia, and Oceania and, believe it or not, even in non-English-speaking territories like South America.

ArtMatters[dot]Info, a part of the ComMattersKenya ( network, has a large and growing following on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and taps into the wide social media presence of other ComMattersKenya-related initiatives. Any message posted on ArtMatters[dot]Info also benefits from this wide and growing legacy and new media network.

ArtMatters[dot]Info – that is described by the Director of Culture in Kenya as an invaluable contribution in disseminating information and creating an essential bridge between the arts, culture, media and development agencies – invites you as a content and advertising partner not only for mutual benefit, but to also benefit from the portal whose linkageshave enhanced inclusive participation in the development of arts and culture as a fundamental resource for sustainable development.rdquo;

The users of ArtMatters[dot]Info are not limited to creative and cultural entrepreneurs, policy makers, funding agencies and trusts, travel agents, tourists, diplomats, investors, academics, governmental and inter-governmental organisations, promoters, cultural agencies, archivists, publicists, journalists, critics, students, musicians, actors, writers, filmmakers, fine artists, designers, sculptors, models, information-seekers and other decision-makers.

The profile of the user of ArtMatters[dot]Info is in the 18-24-year, 35-44-year and 45-65-year-old brackets; both female and male; holds at least one university degree; and has some disposable income.

If you are based in Africa and the Diaspora, or are involved in the region in any way that may be considered CREATIVE, COMMERCIAL, CULTURAL, DEVELOPMENTAL, AFRICAN and IMPORTANT, then you’d benefit from ArtMatters[dot]Info.

ArtMatters[dot]Info, that covers Africa – from Cape Agulhas to Caluula, and from Dakar to Tangier and Bizerte, and all the other places in between, including Madagascar, Seychelles, Reunion and Mayotte – and the Diaspora, is now offering advertising space at highly discounted, affordable and all-time-low rates.

Please contact ArtMatters[dot]Info today without any further delay and discover why Kenya#39;s Ministry of Culture encourages artists, cultural practitioners, policymakers and development agencies to visit ArtMatters[dot] experience the viability of this network and share its diversity and vision.rdquo;

Source: ArtMatters.

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