Answer – VP/HR – Current situation in Cameroon – E-001373/2018

Since the beginning of this crisis (October 2016), the High Representative/Vice-President's services have been following the situation closely and interacting with various stakeholders in order to understand the problems, in spite of the continued difficulties to access reliable information.

This sensitive matter is being discussed in the framework of the political dialogue the European Union (EU) maintains with the government of Cameroon. The EU has been rejecting the use of violent means and calling both sides (authorities and secessionist groups) to respect the rule of law and to engage in a constructive and inclusive dialogue in order to find a negotiated solution that can respond effectively to the concerns of the Anglophone Cameroonians.

The EU will continue to pursue a political engagement on this matter, maintaining a balanced position between legitimate Government's efforts to maintain the territorial integrity of Cameroon and restore security on one side and, on the other side, the need to respect the rule of law and civil liberties of all citizens.

This will imply calling for investigations of all alleged crimes or abuses, including on the side of the Cameroonian security forces. This is crucial for the fight against impunity and prevention of such crimes, as well as to restore or consolidate trust between the citizens and the security forces.

A sustainable solution requires a genuine dialogue aiming at addressing the underlying causes of the ongoing crisis.

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