Aid in Danger Bi-Weekly News Brief, 18 November – 01 December 2020

Democratic Republic of the Congo
15 November 2020: In Masisi town centre, North Kivu province, a Congolese LNGO aid worker was reportedly shot and killed by unidentified perpetrators. Source AWSD
27 November 2020: Between Bwalanda and Nyanzale villages, North Kivu province, gunmen attacked an INGO aid worker and amputated his arm. He was admitted to Rutshuru General Hospital for treatment. In response, the aid organisation temporarily suspended its activities in the area.
Source: Radio Moto
October: Four Ethiopian aid workers employed by two separate INGOs were killed in Tigray near the border with Eritrea last month during fighting in the northern region. The circumstances of their deaths were unclear, but they took place in one of four camps for Eritrean refugees. There are unconfirmed reports that a fifth aid worker had also died in Tigray. Source: Reuters
16 and 18 November 2020: In Tigray region, the conflict between the Ethiopian Federal Government and the regional ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has severely hindered the ability of the UN and NGOs to aid people stranded by the fighting, and to reach refugee camps at risk of food and water shortages, prompting the withdrawal of two convoys of non-essential aid workers. Humanitarian access is reportedly only available for the Ethiopian Red Cross Society, the ICRC and MSF. On 23 November, government troops encircled Mekelle in preparation to invade the city, raising grave concerns about the safety of more than 200 aid workers therein. Sources: ABC, AP, Barrons, ECHO, France 24, Humanitarian Response, The New Humanitarian and The New York Times
19 November 2020: The Ethiopian National Defence Force chief accused the Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom – who is of Tigrayan ethnicity – of lobbying for and seeking to arm the TPLF. The Director-General has denied the accusations. Sources: BBC and The New Arab
23 November 2020: On the road between Ansongo and Gao, Gao region, an unspecified number of INGO aid workers were kidnapped by gunmen who fired at the civilian vehicle they were travelling in. All hostages, except one, were released on the same day. The remaining aid worker from the Tuareg community was released the following day. Source: ACLED
30 November 2020: In Kidal town and region, Menaka town and region, and Gao city and region, unidentified perpetrators launched corresponding attacks against foreign forces at MINUSMA bases.
Indirect fire caused damage to the facility in Kidal. Source: Al Jazeera

Source: Insecurity Insight

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