Aid in Danger Bi-Weekly News Brief, 13-26 January 2021

Safety, security and access incidents
Incidents of threats and violence affecting aid workers and aid delivery.
As reported on 18 January 2021: In Garoua-Boulay town and commune, Lom-et-Djerem department, East region, members of the CPC rebel group attacked an INGO convoy composed of approximately 30 trucks, as well as other commercial vehicles, as they tried to cross the border into the Central African Republic. Source: Eons Intelligence
Central African Republic
18 January 2021: Near Bangassou city, Mbomou prefecture, members of the UPC and anti-Balaka armed groups attacked a MINUSCA convoy, killing two peacekeepers. Source: UN News As of 15 January 2021: Humanitarian organisations have been unable to deliver aid to 2.8 million people due to a growing military offensive launched by an array of armed groups. UNHCR was reported to be assessing how to mobilise more resources and airdrop supplies to key areas of humanitarian need. Sources: Al Jazeera and Reuters
15 January 2021: In Tigray region, in the absence of humanitarian access, the EU announced its decision to stop sending development support directly to the Ethiopian Federal Government. Funding channelled through NGOs and humanitarian programmes, will continue. Source: Devex
13 January 2021: In Bambara-Maoudé village and commune, Gouma-Rharous cercle, Timbuktu region, a MINUSMA vehicle struck a roadside bomb, after which gunmen opened fire, killing at least four peacekeepers, including three Ivorians, and wounding six more. The perpetrators fled the scene following an armed response by the peacekeepers. Sources: AFP, Garda World and Twitter 15 January 2021: In Tessalit commune and cercle, Kidal region, a MINUSMA vehicle hit an explosive device of unidentified origin, killing an Egyptian peacekeeper, and seriously injuring another. Sources: Ghana Business News, Global News and Twitter
26 January 2021: The districts of Quissanga, Macomia, Meluco, Mocímboa da Praia, Muidumbe and Nangade, remain inaccessible to UN agencies and aid organisations due to ongoing insecurity, the presence of armed groups and police and military operations. Source: Club of Mozambique

Source: Insecurity Insight

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