Africa: On the Occasion of Cabo Verde’s National Day

Press Statement

Rex W. Tillerson

Secretary of State

Washington, DC

July 5, 2017

On behalf of the United States, congratulations as you celebrate Cabo Verde’s 42nd year of independence on July 5.

Our countries’ longstanding friendship dates back to the 18th century and our current partnership is based on our shared ties and democratic values. Cabo Verde is a model of democratic governance and multi-party democracy, and is one of Africa’s best political and economic success stories.

The United States is grateful for having Cabo Verde as a security partner. Last year, our security cooperation reached a new level when Cabo Verde hosted Epic Guardian, the largest U.S. military exercise ever to be held in Cabo Verde.

As you celebrate your National Day, know that the United States remains committed to our partnership with Cabo Verde and looks forward to continuing to support Cabo Verde’s efforts to increase economic development, strengthen security, and enhance the rule of law.

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