Africa: Mozambique National Day

Press Statement

Rex W. Tillerson

Secretary of State

Washington, DC

June 23, 2017

On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, congratulations to the people of Mozambique on 42 years of independence. On this occasion, we also celebrate the history of friendship and partnership between our two countries. As part of that growing relationship, I was pleased to be able to meet with President Nyusi just two weeks ago during his visit to Washington. This meeting was a reflection of our partnership with the people of Mozambique on wide-ranging issues including global health, good governance, education, agriculture and business.

It is commendable that the Government of Mozambique and opposition forces have agreed on an indefinite cessation of hostilities, and we are proud that the U.S. Ambassador was asked to co-chair the Contact Group for the peace talks. The people of Mozambique deserve a lasting peace. On this special day, best wishes for peace and future prosperity for the citizens of Mozambique in the coming year.

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