Month: April 2022

Serbia Shows Off New Chinese Missiles in Display of Military Power

Serbia on Saturday showed off its new Chinese-made surface-to-air missiles and other military hardware purchased from both Russia and the West, as the country seeks to perform a delicate balancing act over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.Members of the pu…

‘A Huge Demand’: Ukrainian Women Train to Clear Landmines

Learning to identify and defuse explosives is something Anastasiia Minchukova never thought she would have to do as an English teacher in Ukraine. Yet there she was wearing a face shield, armed with a landmine detector and venturing into a field dotted…

Delphix Acelera Crescimento e Rentabilidade no Segundo Ano Consecutivo em Escala

Segurança de Dados e Compliance Impulsionam a Adoção Urgente da Plataforma de Gerenciamento de Dados de Teste Delphix DevOps REDWOOD CITY, Califórnia, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A Delphix, líder do setor de Gerenciamento de Dados de Teste de DevOps (TDM), anunciou hoje o encerramento do ano fiscal de

Censys renforce son empreinte mondiale en établissant de nouvelles opérations européennes et en mettant en place un vaste réseau de clients et de partenaires

La société présentera sa principale solution de gestion des surfaces d’attaque à 2022 DTX Manchester, dans le contexte d’un intérêt croissant pour la visibilité des actifs Internet ANN ARBOR, Michigan, 28 avril 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Censys, le principal fournisseur de solutions de gestion continue des surfaces d’attaque, a annoncé aujourd’hui la

Despite Payment, Investors Brace for Russia to Default

Prices for Russian credit default swaps — insurance contracts that protect an investor against a default — plunged sharply overnight after Moscow used its precious foreign currency reserves to make a last-minute debt payment Friday.The cost for a five-…