2016 Summer Olympics qualifiers: Ghana 2- 2 Cameroun (Accra)

Despite the Cameroon team having to play in Accra without star players such as Gaelle Enganmouit, Aboudi Onguene, Edjangue and Zouga Francine who were not released by their respective clubs, the Lionesses managed to score 2 goals and will therefore advance to the last round. Final score: Ghana 2- 2 Cameroun.

Lioness Line-up against Ghana

Goalkeeper: Ngo Ndom Annette

Defense: Sonkeng Ysis, Leuko Yvonne, Manie Christine, Marie Awona

Midfield: Feudjio Raissa, Ngo Mbeleck, Ngock Yango Grace

Attack: Meffometou Falone, Ngono Manie, Akaba Henriette Michele

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