Yaounde Residents Wine, Dance Responsibly

One of Yaounde’s most popular merry-making spots, “Nous Deux Bar” situated in the Mvog-Atangana Mballa Market neighbourhood was still full of almost a hundred men and women wining and dancing at 7:30 am yesterday January 1, 2015. The bar that is known to have no doors was jam-packed by dancing couples to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

Freacutedeacuteric M, a bank clerk, told CT that he had been merry-making since 1:00 am to celebrate not only the blessing of seeing the New Year, but also the passing away of the year 2014 which saw the birth of a set of twins into his family. For similar or other reasons, a multitude of the capital city’s inhabitants answered present in several reputed “enjoyment” hubs in the city.

As from 2:00 am, traffic in the Mini-Ferme neighbourhood was heavy as all bars were filled to capacity with their entrances blocked by dancing and wining citizens. Some popular hubs such as “Complexe Maison Megravere”, “5e Protocole”, “Haute Tension Plus,” were bustling with enjoyment diehards who remarkably behaved responsibly, avoiding drunkenness or brawls as had been observed in previous years. Smash hits that oozed from loudspeakers included the most popular tunes such as “Dorro Bucci” and others from West African artistes alongside Bikutsi hits such as “Poisson Fumeacute” by Lady Ponce.

As 2015 grew older, similar scenes could be seen in several other neighbourhoods, notably at “Mirador” in Obili, “Chez Warrior” in Biyem-Assi and “Petit Coin” in Jouvence as well as “Vieux Manoir” and “Le Pacha” in Madagascar. Several inhabitants had moved from the popular fairground, “Ya-Fe”, which closed around midnight. A good portion of the crowds that swarmed the May 20 Avenue to welcome 2015 thereafter, camped at the roundabout in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, expecting a fireworks display which unfortunately did not take place.

That notwithstanding, some excited individuals could not help detonating a few knockouts to fill the void as photographers made brisk business. The Central Post Office roundabout was equally swarmed as makeshift bars covered the parking lot opposite the Ministerial Building No. 1 to give 2015 the welcome shout it deserved.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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