Yaounde – Fake Inspector of Police Picked Up

Tiako Brice, 38, was arrested on April 27, 2015, at the Mvan Motor Park in Yaounde.

A suspected fake Inspector of Police, whose names were gotten as Tiako P. Brice, is presently in custody at the Judicial Police Headquarters in Yaounde. Reports say, Tiako, 38, married and father of three, was arrested on April 27, 2015 at the Finex Voyage bus station at the Mvan Motor Park in Yaounde.

According to eyewitness, the man who was travelling to Douala, had a scuffle with some of the passengers of the bus when he insisted on taking the front passenger seat “as the leader on board” as he usually does. This did not go well with other passengers. In an attempt to intimidate the passengers, Tiako reportedly brandished a professional card which identified him as a Second Grade Inspector of Police. One of the passengers then called the police on the public utility number 1500. The Central Police Station Number Four in Ekounou was immediately informed and the information was sent to the Judicial Police Headquarters.

A team led by Commissioner Fokoua Mikem, Head of the Conflict Brigade at the Judicial Police Headquarters, rushed to the scene immediately. According to Commissioner Fokoua, when he arrived, he realised that Tiako P. was in possession of a fake professional card. He was taken to the Judicial Police Headquarters for investigations. He said after investigations, the police decided to search his home where they found a police uniform and two birth certificates with the same name, but different ages. The police also found several telephones and telephone chargers, toy guns and fake professional cards.

Tiako P. told journalists that he used to assault and rob people of their telephones before pretending to be a policeman due to the passion he has for the corps. He said in the past two years, he has been working at the Special Unit for Service Control at the General Delegation of National Security with some policemen. He explained that he used the police uniform to carry out operations in town and also help people follow up their files in the ministries. More investigations are going at the Judicial Police to find out the other culprits.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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