Wouri War Efforts – Fcfa 349 Million Raised So Far

The amount was made public during a round-up fundraising meeting presided by the Governor.

Since the defence forces engaged in the fight against Boko Haram last year, Cameroonians have been supporting them morally by organising street marches, brandishing messages of solidarity, peace and security. Since the moral support was not enough, organisations, political parties and communities started handing in financial support and food aid to boost the morale of troops on the battle ground.

Wouri Division in the Littoral Region is one of the numerous donors that have understood what it means to fight for one’s fatherland. The people contributed cash and food stuff for the soldiers worth FCFA 349 million. During a meeting to roundup contribution to the defence forces yesterday, April 7, 2015, Littoral Governor, Joseph Beti Assomo, revealed that FCFA 287 million in cash and FCFA 61 million in kind was raised.

The goods included 8,500 litres of vegetable oil worth FCFA ten million, 34,452 litres of mineral water worth FCFA six million, natural juice, rice, toiletries, among others. He told presidents of board of directors, general managers of companies, directors, civil society organisations and Ministers of God that the money, which is being kept in the Treasury, was to be sent to the appropriate quarters in Yaounde yesterday. He assured all and sundry of a smooth, accurate and transparent handling of the money and goods.

On-the-spot, Douala II Council handed over an amount of FCFA ten million, Balafon Radio gave FCFA 500,000, as well as other well-wishers. The Governor mentioned that Sanaga Maritime Division contributed FCFA 45 million and the Moungo FCFA 40 million.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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