Worthy Achievements, Teething Challenges

The National Community-driven Development Programme, PNDP, has accomplished much in 10 years, but faces challenges in doing even more.

The National Community-driven Development Programme, PNDP, is 10 years old this December 2014. The programme, which works closely with local councils, has so far developed 329 council plans, constructed 986 classrooms, 1,924 water points and 60 health centres. Similarly, 465 km of rural roads and 102 km of low-tension rural electrification, were executed from 2004 to 2014.

Although PNDP has helped in changing the face of many councils, many challenges remain. According to its National Coordinator, Marie Madeleine Nga, these include insufficient funding for its activities, given the huge number of requests for assistance. Others are the insufficient involvement of field stakeholders for the optimal execution of projects and the need for better harmonisation of activities of all local development stakeholders in the country.

On the other hand, countering unfounded allegations against the institution by some members of the public, extending PNDP’s coverage to sub-divisional councils, stepping up the level of support to councils and ensuring better communication, require greater attention. Similarly, local councils need more assistance to raise additional funds for their activities. They also expect the Programme to finance agricultural projects to boost their local economies. Meanwhile, plans are also underway to start five pilot REDD + environmental projects in five councils, create 13 council radio stations and rehabilitate 13 others, while preparing for the third phase of the World Bank’s IDA funding.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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