Workers Partner Against Boko Haram

At the Manga Williams Avenue in Limbe, leaders of trade unions voiced the determination of workers to unite against the common enemy.

In an exhilarating atmosphere in Limbe on Friday, May 1, 2015, workers and officials converged to give the 129th International Labour Day the grandeur it deserved. Patriotism permeated all the speeches of various trade union leaders who praised President Paul Biya and the army for waging a merciless war against Boko Haram terrorists.

Despite this security concern, it was also time for stock-taking on the theme, “Building the future of Cameroon in peace, solidarity and decent work.” Union leaders regretted the lack of conducive working conditions, employment contracts for some workers, registration with the National Social Insurance scheme, non-respect of the Labour Code, low pensions that make retirement a nightmare, the current plight of CDC workers, amongst others.

Addressing the workers, the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, Zang III, harped on the prevailing insecurity in the Far North of Cameroon and called on trade union leaders not only to criticize, but also to acknowledge the commendable efforts made by government in ameliorating the working conditions of workers. He urged union leaders to be more committed to the problems of workers instead of the bickering and infighting currently observed amongst them.

The march past that ensued, involved companies, the public administration, bus companies, hotels and diverse services. Merry-making crowned the event in bars and various spots.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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