Tombi, Atah Robert Duel Ahead

They are the only candidacies validated by the electoral commission of Fecafoot on February 17, 2015.

The electoral commission of Fecafoot met yesterday to examine the files of candidates vying for the presidency of the association and rendered its verdict. Of the six candidatures deposited, only two were approved. In addition to Tombi agrave Roko whose candidacy had already been approved before the postponement, there is a second candidate this time in the person of Atah Robert said to have met all the eligibility conditions.

The battle for the Fecafoot presidency therefore has been reduced to a duel between the third assistant National Technical Director, Atah Robert Bahazah and the Secretary General of the federation, Tombi agrave Roko Sidiki. The election will take place on February 25th, three days to the end of the mandate of the Normalisation committee on February 28th. Quizzed on the necessity of holding elections while the decision of the international Court of Arbitration in sports is still pending, the president of the Normalisation Committee, Joseph Owona, said they were focused on accomplishing the assignment given to them by FIFA within the given time frame.

More so, the court can only arbitrate in case of the consent of both parties. However, he said they will go ahead with the elections and whatever be the verdict of the international court, it will be incumbent on the new administration of the federation to address the issue.

As to why the candidature of Tombi agrave Roko was confirmed despite a case against him at the Special Criminal court, Joseph Owona said the case against Tombi agrave Roko was that of calumny as the funds in question which was earmarked for the third phase of the Goal project, has not been disbursed yet as a tender offer in 2013 ended inconclusively. The other candidatures were rejected for failure to provide a certificate of non-conviction for Bell, absence of endorsement for Madame Mebande and Jules Nyongha, incomplete or invalid list from Penne Robert.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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