Students Fine-Tune Success Strategies

As end-of-year examinations draw near, students and pupils have currently resorted to different studying strategies geared towards obtaining a pass grade. Although preparing for and succeeding in any examination seems challenging, most students preparing for end-of-year examinations say they have worked out individual and group study plan while following test-taking tactics so that the big day result will be a passing grade.

Although the second academic term is mixed with a lot of extra-curricular activities, form five and upper sixth students are quite aware of the challenges that lie ahead of them. Besides being focused during classroom lectures, students in examination classes have not only reduced their social activities but have also formed different study groups depending on their needs. Such is the case with an upper sixth student, Kelly Emmanuelle Anabi. Knowing her weakness in Philosophy, Kelly says she and other classmates are in a study group. Twice a week, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Kelly and her mates find time to discuss various philosophy topics while revising pass questions.

Besides group work, Kelly explains how she finds time to revise materials on other subjects given in the classroom all in a bid to keep her brain fresh while making final examination preparations less stressful. Another student in Yaounde, Evis Nwanthan says studying alone is his best bet especially given that he stays far from most of his classmates, thus making it difficult to benefit from any study group. Elvis Nwanthan narrates how he has set aside four hours each day to study.

“I do not procrastinate. I use my time wisely and I make sure the work I need to do is done before I do something else with my friends,” Elvis notes. To avoid getting burned out, Elvis makes sure that each time he does not understand a topic he relaxes for a while. “I can take a break, distract myself with a game for some few minutes so that I feel more focused when I get back to work,” Elvis narrates. To better master each topic, Elvis says each time he is in class, he makes sure, his teachers give him answers to all his academic worries.

Attending special classes on Saturdays and Sundays is another means students have embraced to ensure that they obtain a pass grade at the end of the year. However, a teacher at Government Secondary School Mfou, Joan Tangong recalls the adage which says “learning without playing makes jack a dull boy.” She encourages students to at times distract themselves from academic work, but should not exceed because there is no other magic to succeed in an examination other than learning.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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