Sourcing for Innovative Funding in Politics

The CPDM like other parties need alternative means of financing beyond usual State grants.

As the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) celebrates 30 years of existence in Cameroon, challenges starring it in the face call for in-depth brainstorming if the party must continue to occupy the space it now has on the country’s political map. And one of these challenges is certainly sourcing for innovative funding so as to diversify from the traditional State subvention usually dished out to political parties. This is so as all political parties, be they in power or those striving to rule, need funds to play their part in the political process.

More so because money in politics is undoubtedly the biggest threat to democracy given that he who usually pays the piper absolutely wants to dictate the tune. This is destructive to democracy. Analysts say a fair and transparent financing of political parties, candidates and election campaigns is determinant in the health and proper functioning of democracy. As such, the CPDM cannot afford to be different especially at a time when the political battle is increasingly becoming fiercer. It is however clear those innovative funding systems abound.

Crowd Fundraising

Political pundits hold that crowd fundraising is an innovative way of mobilising funds from donors online or at special events. This goes beyond the traditional dependence on a few barons who dish out chunks of money for party activities and so pose as the alpha and omega of the party, often dictating the pace of events to the detriment of democracy.

Crowd fundraising facilitates the collection of small amounts of money from everybody. The notion of grassroots militants is not new in the CPDM either. Instead of allowing Yaounde, Douala and political bigwigs of the party resident in other cities of the country to carry home their money and lord over the sympathizers and supporters, the party can embrace crowd fundraising as one of the means of funding its activities. In this case, every member would feel important in the party even by virtue of hisher widow’s mite chipped in, and would boldly take part in all party activities. This would be an evolution from, “we are waiting for the party or people from Yaounde.” And when Yaounde comes with all the money, it also dictates who to stand or win.

Sustainable Investments

It is not excluded that a political party can embrace investments provided they prove sustainable. The CPDM, by virtue of its years of existence and the calibre of following it has, can set up money-generating ventures in the country to raise income rather than depend almost always on contributions from members who sometimes stretch beyond limits to cough out the money needed for one party activity or the other. For instance, it is not excluded that the party could construct a multipurpose headquarters wherein it could be lodged and where others could rent space for their diverse activities. The CPDM has all what it takes to carry on such a venture at even national, regional and sub divisional levels. These added to the sale of party paraphernalia could provide surest ways of raising funds to stand financial challenges.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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