Senate Urges Government to Pursue Structural Reforms

Marcel Niat Njifenji made the exhortation last Friday, while closing the March ordinary session of Parliament.

The government of Cameroon has been urged to pursue structural reforms which in the long run would make the economy more competitive. The call was made last Friday April 10, 2015, in Yaounde, by the Senate President, Marcel Niat Njifenji, while chairing the plenary sitting of the House that concluded the March ordinary session of Parliament.

Friday’s plenary sitting presented an opportunity for the Senate President to draw a balance sheet of the month-long ordinary session, which he said was generally satisfactory.

Apart from putting in place the bureau of the Senate, the House also scrutinized and adopted seven bills on various subjects notably security, economy and communication which Marcel Niat Njifenji described as of critical importance to the country. “We are convinced of the relevance of the Three-year Emergency Plan put in place by President Paul Biya with the short term objective to step up growth rate of our economy and increase job offers especially for the youths. That is why the two Houses of Parliament did not hesitate in showing their full support,” the Senate President stated, adding that the just-ended session confirms the strength of bicameralism of the Parliament which is reflected in the maturity of their discussions.

The Senate, he noted, also kick-started the putting of questions to government which he said is a natural existence of their duties. He thus urged Senators to submit questions in subsequent sessions in compliance with the provisions of Sections 64 and 81 of the Senate’s Standing Orders.

Marcel Niat Njifenji also recalled the diplomatic activities of the Senate as he granted audiences to some ambassadors of friendly countries who came to offer messages of support and encouragement to the Senate and the country for the war against terrorist sect, Boko Haram. Meanwhile, he challenged Senators to liaise with their respective electoral constituencies and collect foodstuff to support soldiers at the battlefront as well as victims of Boko Haram incursions.

Friday’s closing plenary sitting was also attended by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Cavaye Yeguieacute Djibril, Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang, members of the diplomatic corps amongst other State dignitaries.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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