Secondary Education New Syllabuses Approved

Some 90 pedagogic inspectors in the Ministry of Secondary Education yesterday, December 9, 2014 in Yaounde re-read, fine-tuned and validated new teaching curricula for 4e, 3e and Form III, IV and V at secondary education level.

While representing the Minister of Secondary Education, the Inspector General of Education, Mrs Evelyne Mpoudi Ngolle, reiterated the need to revised syllabuses in the secondary education sector so that students are better placed to face the ever evolving world upon graduation.

According to Evelyne Mpoudi Ngolle, syllabuses are dynamic instruments for teaching to change with the times. Reasons why they must be constantly updated, if not, teachers will be giving out obsolete knowledge to students. As the world keeps changing, the economy, as well as the society, it is incumbent for educationists to always update syllabuses so that students produced in the system can face the challenges of the society where they live.

After the validation of the new syllabuses, Dang Akuh Dominic, Inspector Coordinator-General in charge of Bilingualism in the Ministry of Secondary Education said the ministry will publish syllabuses which are well adapted to the needs of students.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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