Radio Communication – Experts Brainstorm On Curbing Interferences

A four-day workshop grouping frequency managers began in Yaounde on December 3, 2014.

Radio communication experts charged with attributing radio frequencies and managing them have begun meeting in Yaounde to sharpen skills on curbing interferences in radio transmission which usually results in two or more radio stations using one frequency with imaginable prejudices to the listener. This is within the framework of a four-day (December 3-6) capacity-building workshop organised by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and chaired yesterday December 3 by the Secretary of the Ministry, Armand Djodom.

It brings together engineers and technicians involved in radio communication to remind themselves of the basics of the sector, get themselves informed of how to identify and resolve problems of radio interferences in the country. This is as a result of interferences in radio broadcast band (FM band) and occasional interferences in telephony (T band) as well as on satellite bands.

The workshop, the Secretary General said, is to arm stakeholders with a common understanding of radio frequency interferences as well as with a common strategy of overcoming it. According to the Sub-director for Frequency Management in MINPOSTEl, Ga-akeku Batholomew, the interferences may be as a results of ignorance or infrastructure and it would be better to master the happenings and risks as well as how to go about them.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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