Professional League – Semengue Gives Account of Office

This was in a press conference he granted on Friday.

The president of the Professional Football League of Cameroon, General Pierre Semengue on Friday March 13th granted a press conference during which he presented a balance sheet of his activities ever since appointed in March 2011. As pioneer president, Semengue said his first task was to recruit staff for the embryonic organisation and establish a road map of activities.

Taking a perspective look at the life of the organisation, General Semengue said the Professional League faces two major challenges at present lack of finances and stadiums. With the end of the government subventions last year, many clubs won’t be able to make it beyond the seventh day of play of the current championship should nothing be done. It is for this reason that he appealed for the signing of a new convention to extend and increase government subsidies since the number of clubs have risen from 28 to 35. Already Sable has withdrawn from the championship because of insolvency and it is likely that others will follow suit. It is quest of alternative sources of financing that the League negotiated the tax exoneration for companies.

Concerning the issues of stadiums, the Professional League faces a big challenges in organising matches since most to the major stadiums will be closed for renovation and reconstruction work. The president assisted by his close aides threw more light on the recent contract signed with an Italian equipment company, Garman. According to the contract, Garman will equip League One and League Two clubs as well as produce supporters’ jerseys. Concerning his stay at the helm of the League, Pierre Semengue said he would stay for as long as he is permitted to and is ready to organise elections any time he is asked to do so as to hand over to an elected president at the end of his mandate.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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