Priority Investment – 25 SW Councils Update Methodology

SGs and council development agents drilled on software for participatory development.

Within the framework of activities of the National Community-driven Development Programme (PNDP) to train council officials to consolidate and update data contained in the Communal Development Plans (CDPs), Secretary Generals and Council Development Agents met in Limbe to be updated on the use of applicable software for participatory development dubbed “PRO ADP.”

Opening the workshop, the First Assistant Senior Divisional Officer for Fako Lokombe Nafongo Vincent hailed the PNDP for accompanying councils in the planning, programming and budgeting of development endeavours in a more realistic and dynamic manner to come up with what is called “Programme Budget”. He said the software is a decision-making tool for mayors and other municipal councilors who, from their desks, can consult and assess the level of development of their council areas sector by sector and village by village.

Meanwhile, the South West PNDP Capacity Building Officer, Atangana Alexandre, said PRO-ADP is a tool for decision-making at the council level which assists the councils to know where there is need for investment by the authority. He also stated that the one week training for 25 councils that began on Monday, November 10, is not only on the use of the software but also on how to update the priority investments projects contained in the Communal Development Plans. With the collaboration of the 25 councils, the PNDP has not only assisted them in drawing up and implementing their CDPs, but has also equipped each of the beneficiary councils with a motor-bike, a complete computer set, a Global Positioning System kit and the recruitment and payment of some council officers, et al.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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