Police Sensitises Drivers, Passengers

Motor parks are unusually busy these days as multitudes of people, young and old, are travelling back to their professional and academic stations after spending the end-of-year feasts with their relatives or loved ones. The hustle and bustle observed as passengers try to board buses is unfortunately an arena for theft and assault while drivers seeking to do as many trips as possible are themselves potential causes of road accidents.

It is in a bid to stem the tides that the General Delegation for National Security has increased communication strategies to sensitise drivers on road safety as well as passengers on their personal safety in motor parks. Over their radio programme, “Canal Police”, broadcast over CRTV Radio’s national station on Friday January 2, 2015, the Centre Regional Delegate for National Security, Commissioner Martin Claude Foh Soua, aised drivers to get enough rest and avoid the consumption of alcohol.

“Alcohol inhibits the psychological equilibrium of the driver and leads to the reduction of his sight while reducing his choice and appreciation ability,” he aised. Furthermore, drivers were aised to avoid driving after taking medication likely to increase dizziness, somnolence or tiredness.

The police also took cognisance of the challenges faced by passengers before departure and on arrival at their destinations. Before departure, passengers were aised not to travel with much luggage or carry large sums of money. Also, they should avoid going to motor parks at night and always seek to be accompanied by persons capable of protecting them since park delinquents always exploit the naivety of their victims.

They should also avoid boarding vehicles with worn-out tyres which are causes of road accidents. On arrival at their destinations, passengers should, amongst others, inform their relatives to come and collect them, especially if it is already night fall. Also, they should avoid overloading when boarding a taxi and should take note of the driver, his badge and car plate numbers.

If after taking all these precautions passengers still face challenges, they are aised to call the Police special intervention unit by dialling 117 or 1500 or contact the nearest police unit. These have been reinforced with men and equipment, especially during this period that may likely run till the end of this week.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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