Police Lauded for Professionalism

Ten police men and women were handed congratulation and encouragement letters from the Delegate General for National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguele, for their brilliant dismantling of criminal armed gangs at the Seventh District Public Security Police Station in the nation’s main port city, Douala.

The letters were handed to the meritorious detectives of the Seventh District Public Security Police Station on Friday, January 2, 2015 by the head of the Central Police Station Ndeg2, Senior Superintendent of Police, Essoume Jean Alain Daniel. He said the messages were important and crucial to spur enthusiasm and professionalism within the corps, especially in Douala where insecurity has become a growing concern of late.

Essoume Jean Alain Daniel congratulated the meritorious police men and women for bringing such honour within his jurisdiction, noting that it was the first of its kind in the city for 10 personnel of the same district to be lauded for professionalism and brilliance at a go.

To the Commissioner of the Seventh District Public Security Police Station, Amogo Manga Cyrille, receiving laudatory messages from the police boss was not usual, so their handing early this year is significant and motivating within the security corps. “If a policeman receives such a message twice in a year, it leads to an automatic promotion which is of necessity to the police,” he highlighted.

Particular mention was made of the gang of armed brigands dismantled last March 12-13, 2014, in a warehouse in Bepanda. Gunmen who had broken into the warehouse and curiously gathering loots were interrupted promptly by the police men and women at the command of Commissioner Amogo Manga Cyrille. “It was a risky mission that called for a good mastery of the underworld tactics and operation to crackdown on them, as indeed it was,” the Commissioner noted. The Commissioner who also received the message of congratulations and encouragement said it encouraged hard work and that they were going to put in their maximum this year.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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