Police Entrance Exams – Internet Wizards Make Good Cash

The makeshift internet dealers charge FCFA 1,000 for online registration that barely last 15 minutes.

Since the launching of competitive entrance examination into the police corps by the Delegate General for National Security, fast guys have been making cool cash with the introduction of online registration. The seasonal businessmen occupy open spaces closer to the Judicial Police, the Regional Delegation of National Security and the Douala City Council where applicants queue up for the unavoidable services. Just below the Douala City Council in Bonanjo, the over seven dealers on a roll are barely enough to satisfy the ever increasing applicants.

The dealers charge FCFA 1,000 for each online application made after which they are sent a code. The applicant then uses a mobile telephone to resend the code to the appropriate quarters for an appointment date to be booked. Following a brief stay at the area, CT noticed that the online registration document suffices the internet wizard to enter the name, date and place of birth, marital status, parent’s names, certificate obtained, category going in for, region of file submission and candidate’s address. According to one of the internet dealers who refused to be named, the newfound business is lucrative. “When the operation started on January 5th, I treated between 65 and 90 application daily. Though the rush hour has passed, I treat up to 50 applications a day making FCFA 50,000 in gain with little efforts. We are not the only ones making mouthwatering profit, but telephone networks as well. They cut FCFA 300 for every appointment booked,” he said.

However, smart guys with powerful cell phones, who spend most of their time publishing and commenting on social networks do not pay FCFA 1,000 to internet dealers, but carry out the registration through their phones using the website www.dgsn.cm or www.dgsn-cm.orgconcours2014. The brisk business is just for a short while since registration deadline is Friday, February 6, 2015.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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