PNDP Spends CFA 3.7 Billion On 212 Projects

Access to some project sites were however difficult, hence limiting achievement rate at 92 per cent.

Out of 230 community driven projects earmarked for the years 2011 to 2014 across 23 rural councils in the Littoral Region, 212 were realised at the cost of FCFA 3.7 billion. The representative of the Littoral Regional Coordination Unit of the National Community-Driven Development Programme, PNDP, Olivier Hermann Bekack, revealed during a consultative meeting with administrative authorities, mayors, and partners in Bonanjo, Douala, on December 3, 2014 that the programme scored an achievement rate of 92 per cent on the field.

“We have realised all activities for the second phase in sectors like education, water, agriculture, market building, and council staff training. In the next four years, beginning January 2015, we are extending the micro-projects projects to urban councils. The third phase of the programme particularly concerns social programmes and emphasis is on how to render communities more development oriented,” Hermann Bekack. Explaining why they were unable to realised all micro-projects, Hermann Bekack said difficulties abound in areas with difficult access to project sites.

However, three major achievements were registered: firstly, the setting up of a plan for development for all councils in the Littoral. It was realised that many councils don’t have a long-term plan. So they made a need-based assessment of the population through a village-to-village survey and set up the development plan. Secondly, the PNDP closed the staff gap that existed.

The Mayor of Dibombari, Chief Freacutedeacuteric Nguime Ekollo, said though duties were decentralised in the country, resources are being decentralised only progressively reason why some councils still face the staff problem. Thirdly, more than 500 council staff have been trained. The programme was provided software for staff management, account generation, and development plan updates. He highlighted the expectation that government and donors should reinforce the financial capability of the PNDP as an important tool to reinforce development and overcome shortcomings.

The meeting was presided over by the Secretary General of the Littoral Governor’s Office, Ludovic Ngbwa.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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