PCC – Hilarious Welcome for Moderator-Elect in Buea

Church officials as well as a cross-section of Christians of the Fako North, Fako South, Kumba and Mamfe Presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) all converged at Mungo to welcome the newly elected Moderator and his entourage, leading him to the Synod Office where he took his new office.

At the Synod Office in Buea Town, the anxiety and enthusiasm of the Christians and the clergy reached fever pitch when the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba and Rev. George Babila Funchang (Moderator and Synod Clerk respectively) alighted from their vehicles. The triumphant entry of the new Church leaders Monday 5 January, 2015 into the church headquarter premises could be likened to Jesus’ triumphant entry in Jerusalem.

Jacob Ngale Kinge, Chairman of Board of Trustees of the PCC in his welcome remarks called on Presbyterian Christians to make constructive criticism that will help in the spiritual and numerical growth of the church. He urged the new PCC Shepherd to work as a team and to look at the church beyond the earth.

For Mola Ngale Kinge, to whom much is given much is expected thus they should handle their work with Wisdom and up to God who is their strength. He aised them not to allow themselves to be taken hostage by an individual or any group of individuals but to handle their position with intelligence, drawing inspiration from the gospel of Luke.

According to the Moderator of the PCC, it is his wish to move the PCC forward to a better church. Rev. Fonki promised to take the PCC a step forward from where his predecessor ended as he envisages reforms which will be geared towards making the church a better place in future.

It is his wish to make the PCC a financially vibrant and g church and also to galvanise the spirituality of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon. The ceremony that was highly animated by choral and cultural groups was witnessed by the Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge and Senator Mbella Moki Charles, amongst other dignitaries.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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