Paul Biya Comforts German Freed Hostage

Nitsch Eberhard Robert was received in audience at the State House Saturday, January 24, 2015.

It took roughly one hour at the State House last Saturday, January 24, for President Paul Biya to listen to the predicaments of Nitsch Eberhard Robert, the German citizen held hostage for six months in Nigeria by the Nigerian based Islamist sect, Boko Haram and to provide Presidential words of comfort for his tenacity. Mr Nitsch who stayed in captivity since July, 2014 and was released January 21, following a special operation of the Cameroon defence forces was accompanied in the Saturday audience by Klaus-Ludwig Keferstein, German Ambassador to Cameroon.

“We came first to express our gratitude to the President, the government and the armed forces of Cameroon for the crucial role that Cameroon played in liberating Mr Nitsch held hostage for six months by the Islamist group, Boko Haram,” the German Ambassador who spoke on behalf of Nitsch Eberhard Robert told pressmen at the end of the audience. These words of satisfaction were a veritable translation of the happiness that could be seen on their faces.

In effect, unlike the miserable appearance at the Nsimalen International Airport when he was transported to Yaounde two days earlier, Mr Nitsch looked neat with his shaved beard and sharp in his simple white shirt and trouser. But one could still see the reminiscence of psychological and physical torture on someone who two days ago declared he had lost 50 kilogrammes of his normal weight.

The Saturday audience was equally occasion for Nitsch to personally thank President Paul Biya for his personal involvement in his liberation. “Mr Nitsch explained the experience he went through while in captivity and personally expressed his gratitude to the Head of State”, Klaus-Ludwig Keferstein said, stating that the President on his part acknowledged and underlined the personal strength of Mr Nitsch and hailed him for his steadfastness. “We also discussed the danger that Boko Haram is posing for both Nigeria and Cameroon”, he said.

Within the framework of historic relations between Cameroon and Germany, the State House event equally opened floodgate of continuous cooperation especially in the direction of security. “High level political talks are expected to hold between Cameroon and Germany very soon to discuss the contribution of Germany in assisting Cameroon in its fight against Boko Haram”, Klaus-Ludwig Keferstein assured.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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