North West – One Killed in Bamukumbit-Baligangsen Land Dispute

North West Governor visited the area and announced imminent prosecution of perpetrators.

Social peace was tampered with in the neighbourhoods of Bamukumbit and Baligangsen in the Balikumbat Sub-division on November 29, 2014 when a confrontation claimed a life, burnt and destroyed four houses in Baligangsen. To blame is a disputed piece of land that separates both communities. Sources indicate that the villages have entertained hostilities over the land with a decision of the administration of Ngoketungia Division ceding the land to Bamukumbit in 1979 and at another time in 2005. Another prefectoral decision overturned the previous decisions in favour of Baligangsen.

To draw the lines, a Prime Ministerial decision is said to have later declared it a “No man’s land” with the issuance of an injunction on the piece of land. The decision restored relative peace until last November 29 when violence re-emerged.

At Press time, calm had returned with North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique to thank for appeasement. In effect, the governor went sizing up the situation where he appealed for the opposing communities to showcase discernment. On-the-spot, the governor held a crisis meeting during which he announced the imminent prosecution of perpetrators of violence and vandalism. He later retired to Bamenda after deploying forces of Law and Order to check any further escalations of violence with three of the alleged war mongers rested.

Away from that, sources also indicate that uneasy calm reigns between the same Bamukumbit and another neighbouring village, Baligasghu over yet, another piece of land separating both villages in the same Balikumbat Sub-division.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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