North West – Kumbo Diocese Ordains Four Priests

Over 100 priests participated in the event, including the Superior of the Capuchin Order.

The Bishop of Kumbo Diocese, His Lordship George Nkuo, on April 9, 2015 in the Kumbo Cathedral Church, Bui Division of the North West Region, ordained four young men into the priesthood. They are Rev. Fathers Paul Yong Nshom, Emile Mbiydsenyuy Bunila, Cornelius Wirsiy Bamenjo and Amos Bongdin Bamenjoh.

The Bishop was assisted during the ordination exercise by close to 100 priests, among who was the Superior of Capuchin priests, Brother Felice Trussardi and a representative of the Rector of the Bambui Major Seminary. Bishop George Nkuo in his homily urged them to be good, humble, holy and faithful priests. He recalled that the ordination ordinance was instituted by Jesus Christ himself when He ordained the 12 apostles. His Lordship George Nkuo reminded the young men of God that celebrating Christ will be the centre of their entire ministry of holiness. He exhorted them to be committed and dedicated priests. He also aised them to be faithful to the church and to serve and lead God’s people to God’s Kingdom.

John Kuvinyu, the Chairman of the Kumbo Diocesan Laity Council said the ordination of two more diocesan priests in Kumbo Diocese brings the total number to 96. He thanked the diocesan priests for their sacrifice and availability to the laity, adding that the priests have been a blessing to the diocese. John Kuvinyu thanked the priests of Cathedral Parish for the facelift given to the Cathedral church and urged others to copy the example. On his part, a spokesman for the newly ordained priests, Rev. Father Paul Yong Nshom, said they had no gold to give Christians but their prayers and blessings. He thanked the Bishop, their teachers and laity for all the support given them to succeed in their mission.

The Superior of the Capuchin Order, Brother Felice Trussardi, expressed joy at the ordination of two of their candidates, Rev. Fathers Cornelius Wirsiy Bamenjo and Amos Bongdin Bamenjoh. He revealed that the Capuchin religious order has 30 priests in Cameroon working in Shisong, Kumbo, Bafoussam, Bafang and Buea. He revealed that the order, which came to Shisong in 1982, now operates in more than 100 countries, with over 10,000 members. They also have two communities and the St. Anthony of Padua College, Mbutong Shisong Kumbo.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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