NoniKumbo Communities Celebrate Shumas Water Projects

The communities of Bawe-Ngeptang, Nchini, Kirumen and Njenefor in Bui Division now sound off with clean water to drink following huge investments by the Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS) and Rotary Club International.

In effect, the respective communities recently received water projects, conceived and executed by Shumas and Rotary Club to enhance hygiene and Sanitation in the localities. In the neighbourhood of Bawe- Ngeptang, villagers are jumping for joy with a water catchment, collection chamber, two public taps and a Kilometre of pipeline network. Nchini, Kirumen and Njenefor enjoy similar facilities with varying distances of pipeline networks.

Handing over the projects the SHUMAS team inspired stakeholders to rise to expectation with lessons on proper water management and catchment protection. The need for water management committees was stressed for communities that had none. Elsewhere, In Bawe- Ngeptang and Nchini the Nkor council development Officer and the MBIDA home branch President saluted the generosity of Shumas in providing and making life comfortable with good drinking water. The population of Kirumen sang and danced for clean water which all welcome as a gift of life.

It was also a moment to stress the Vision of Shumas towards improving lives, poverty reduction and the empowerment of people especially the poor so that they can realise the fullest of their potentials and work towards meeting their needs without jeopardising the future. Shumas activities cover the national territory and targets rural communities as well as urban communities. Their approach is participatory to enable them obtain positive results in all domains of intervention.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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