Nkolfoulou Waste Treatment Plant – La Francophonie SG Appraises Performance

Michaeumllle Jean yesterday visited the site that gathers and treats 1,300 tons of garbage daily.

Partners of Nkolfoulou Waste Treatment Plant, near Soa in Yaounde have pleaded with visiting Secretary General of the International Organisation of La Francophonie, Michaeumllle Jean, to support Cameroon and Africa’s position on environmental protection and preservation at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, code-named ‘Cop21’ billed for Paris, France in December 2015. They made the call yesterday April 15, 2015 during a visit to the plant by the La Francophonie SG in one of the itineraries of her four-day working visit to Cameroon on the invitation of President Paul Biya.

They all agreed that the Nkolfoulou Waste Treatment Plant which gathers waste from all of Yaounde, treats it and liberates the environmental-friendly gas to the atmosphere, is working to ensure a safe environment for man and animals but challenges still persist. Without the treatment, the gas would have been very nefarious to the environment but the plant burns the waste so that all the dangers are dealt with before the gas is released into the atmosphere. Stakeholders of the project notably the Ministry of the Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development and the Garbage Management Company, Hysacam, took Michaeumllle Jean through four centres of the plant.

These included, the control room where all the garbage collected is evaluated, where the garbage is destroyed, where water from the garbage is treated and to the gas burning centre. “As at now, it is Hysacam doing the garbage collection and treatment and we hope after the visit that the La Francophonie SG will do something for us,” Michel Ngapanoun, General Manager of Hysacam said. He noted that the first challenge the plant faces is that of finances masterminded by a drop in the price of carbon on the market given that the garbage treatment gives them the opportunity to gather certified carbon for sale within the Red+ mechanism.

“The price of carbon has dropped from 12 Euros per metric ton (about FCFA 7,800) to less than one Euro today. We expect that during the Cop21, the SG of La Francophonie will talk about our problem,” he added. A view corroborated by Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development Minister, Pierre Hele.

In response to the pleas, the La Francophonie SG said there is need for equality and all must work responsibly for a friendly environment. Statistics show that since take off in 2011, the plant has been gathering and treating averagely 1,300 metric tons of garbage daily. Of the over 5,000 staff strength of Hysacam, Michel Ngapanoun told Cameroon Tribune that some 100 of them are deployed to work exclusively for the plant. With supplications from the population, officials of the plant said they are envisaging electricity generation from the gas as well as compost manure in the future.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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