Nigeria – Nearly 700 Women Rescued Over Past Week

The army has continued its operation against Boko Haram gholds in Sambisa Forest.

As the Nigerian army continues penetrating the Boko Haram terrorist group ghold of Sambisa Forest, more and more hostages the group has captured continue to be freed and taken to safety grounds.

BBC cited a report which suggests that nearly 700 women have been rescued from Boko Haram over the past week as the army continues its operation against the gholds. Amnesty International report says that Boko Haram militants have seized about 2,000 women and girls since the start of 2014, RTC news says. A group of nearly 300 women and girls, which the Nigerian army says were freed from Boko Haram militants earlier last week have been taken to a refugee camp in north-eastern Nigeria. In the camps, the women and children hostages are screened to ascertain their nationalities. BBC cited the army source as saying that they had travelled for three days from the vast Sambisa forest where they were rescued. The group reportedly arrived in trucks and jeeps at a school converted into the camp in Yola.

The defence headquarters reportedly said in a statement that another 234 hostages were rescued on Thursday, April 30, 2015 through the Kawuri and Konduga end of Sambisa forest. “They have been evacuated to join others at the place of ongoing screening,” RTC new quoted the military as having said. Military sources further disclosed that the assault on the Sambisa forest is continuing from various fronts and efforts are concentrated on rescuing hostages of civilians and destroying all terrorists camps and facilities in the forest. The military earlier said it had destroyed 13 camps belonging to the Islamist insurgents in the Sambisa forest, which surrounds a reserve in Borno.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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