National Assembly – Alternate MPs to Create Project Support Fund

They intend to pool resources together in order to carry out projects in their constituencies.

While substantive Members of Parliament, MPs, are often in the limelight because of their official functions, alternate MPs, with whom they were elected at the same time, tend to be relegated to the background because of their relative inactivity. However, the situation might soon change as some five alternate MPs from the Centre Region have come up with the idea of creating a cooperative or Support Fund of Alternate Members of Parliament.

Announcing the idea on Thursday, November 20, 2014, at a press conference at the Yaounde Council Restaurant, the team, led by Hon. Essomba Bengono Engelbert from Mefou and Akono Division, explained that the association will enable them pool resources together in order to carry out projects. As individuals, they noted, it was difficult to meet the needs of people in their constituencies. Thus, they thought it wise to bring together their material, financial and intellectual resources to better the lot of their people.

Members will identify projects and apply for sponsorship from the fund to which they will all make contributions. They will also seek financial support from corporate bodies. The main areas of interest will be education, health, environment and humanitarian assistance, while also ensuring that State-sponsored projects are effectively and efficiently executed on the ground.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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