Murdered for Urinating On Neighbour’s Wall

Thirty-three year old Njonga Lucien was drinking in a nearby beer parlour before being stabbed.

According to eye witness account, 33-year-old Njonga Lucien was drinking with friends in a bar at the Citeacute Sic Bassa neighbourhood after which he went to ease himself besides a nearby building. Since the building was just a stone-throw to the bar, the house owner called Mouaha Mouaha Hugue, saw him urinating beside the wall and hurriedly brought a machete and a knife to hurt him. He asked Lucien to pick up the urine else he will kill him. The population noticed the clash between the two and reacted by seizing the machete from the landlord. What the population did not know was that the house owner was equally armed with a knife. Despite the intervention, he followed Lucien and stabbed him severally in the stomach. Lucien was immediately rushed to a nearby health centre, where he gave up the ghost shortly after. As Lucien was being rushed to the hospital, the culprit attempted to escape but was seized by the population. Thanks to police intervention, Mouaha narrowly escaped jungle justice. The murderer is presently detained at the Douala II Gendarmerie in Ndogbong.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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