Motorbikes Breach Public Order

An example is their circulation in the Deido neighbourhood of Douala.

Commercial motorbikes have resumed circulation in the Deido neighbourhood against an administrative ban passed on December 31, 2011. The ban followed violent incidents earlier that day which continued January 2, 2012. There was a heavy deployment of military and security forces by the administration at Bonateki, Deido Plage, and along small roads to control entry of motorbikes but soon left after calm returned in the neighbourhood.

“The prohibition is still in force,” says a source in the Wouri Divisional Office. Although serenity still reigns, daring commercial bike riders are taking aantage to violate the ban in order to make brisk business, transporting commuters to and from the neighbourhood.

Of all walks of life, circulation by means of commercial motorbikes in the economic capital is the nearest equivalent of a daring aenture that many will not like to undertake. Far from the great numbers plying the streets of the city and infusing a humming sound as by a colony of migratory bees, motorbike riders have been liaised to the notoriety of either ignoring the rights of other road users, or forcing to squeeze through cues of highly congested traffic at risk of very fatal incidents.

With recurrent undesirable experiences, it has become common knowledge among city dwellers that the sector harbours one of the most ardent youths with the spirited conduct to commit atrocities. A day would hardly pass by in Douala without reports such as robbery, accident, rape, or assault against a passenger. If not any it is the violation of public order. The port city is still wallowing in the series of vices that has cropped up in recent years in the sector, and scenes of grievous incidents are recorded almost daily with huge economic losses.

A common response to the quest for the observation of traffic norm by two traffic police officers in New Bell yesterday sparked off verbal attacks from a group of commercial motorbike riders who resorted to the strategy of disorder and indiscipline to outwit the police, hording traffic for several hours.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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