Military Preparations Intensify

Different corps of the National Defence are perfecting military parade skills ahead of the 2015 National Day on May 20.

Barely twelve days to the celebrations of the 43rd edition of the National Day on May 20, preparations have kicked off in high gear in almost all sectors of the national life. The Yaounde 101 Air Force Base has since the start of the week been transformed into a temporal military headquarters where troops from different corps converge to fine-tune certain technical aspects of the military parade ahead of this year’s National Day celebration.

When Cameroon Tribune visited the Base to witness the rehearsal exercise, squares of different corps of the Defence Forces notably the Land Force, Marine, Air Force, Fire Fighting Brigade as well as elements of the Customs department were noticed in diverse detachments. The men and women in uniform had lined up, carrying arms and marching past in front of supervisors several times in a bid to perfect their steps.

Speaking to Cameroon Tribune, one of the coordinators, Colonel Melingui Nouma Donatien, who is also the Commander of the Military Headquarters Brigade in Yaounde, said the rehearsal exercise shall run daily right up to May 18, 2015. The rehearsals he added, is to enable them perfect skills because only the best will be retained to perform at the 20th May Boulevard during the event. He said by the end of the week, a lot must have been improved on the dexterity of the military parade. Technically, he added, they have adopted a rhythm of 108 beats per minute which all the soldiers are aware. “I believe that during the 20th May parade, the public will appreciate a smooth march past, he promised.

On his part, the Commander of the Customs detachment for May 20 parades, Cdt. Kamgaing Marcel revealed that 144 Customs elements shall take part in the march past. At the end of the practice, only the best shall be retained. He also said, another contingent is expected to arrive from Douala in the days ahead to join those in Yaounde for the march past.

Meanwhile, the national launching of civilian festivities for the 43rd National Day will take place in the Far North Region on Monday May 11, 2015.


Source : Cameroon Tribune

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