Memorable Moments of Merry-Making

Only the building and sign boards of the Yaounde Police Headquarters made the difference yesterday, March 8, 2015. Else, it was an atmosphere of women attired in various shades of this year’s fabric of the International Women’s Day, who enjoyed themselves as best as they could. There was only a sprinkling of men and people in police uniform.

It was simply an atmosphere of merry-making, with women dressed in various designs of ‘kaba’ outfits, sharing memorable moments by biting at slices of chicken and sipping glasses of wine, whisky or gulping down bottles of beer and mineral. Dancing to the music of a live band did not go unnoticed. All of this in honour of the Cameroonian woman – who does not only look after her home, but also takes the high risk of maintaining law and order in the country and even beyond.

The Inspector General at the General Delegation for National Security, Cecile Oyono, thanked the Delegate General, Martin Mbarga Nguele, for his support for the activities they carried out before the day proper. These included visiting schools and markets, sensitising people on what the police does and what is expected of the public. She said police women have in the last 20 years made strides by rising through all the senior ranks. Commissioner Ngoe Evelyn Besumbu of the Yaounde 8th District Police Station, Yaounde, on her part, said police women this year carried out free cancer screening as well as sensitised commercial motorbike riders on road safety and the Boko Haram insurgency.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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