Media – New Publication Hits Kiosks

BTP Info Magazine has been conceived by Abel Gildas Toukam, a Douala-based civil engineer, working in partnership with some companies in the construction and building material sector to create a groundbreaking media. Tthe Publisher grave a news conference at the Bali Somatel Hotel on May 5, 2015, during which the 52-page news magazine was presented. Key editorial pillars include design, news, entrepreneurs, technology, and credit.

Edited by Eboto Vireil Renaud, the launch issue’s frontispiece is Aliko Dangote, Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian multinational Dangote Group. The Editor-in-chief said he will be opportuned to work with like-minded journalists who will report for this completely unique and innovative magazine. The editorial in this pioneer issue is eye-catching as the aertising, which cuts through the Douala City Council to JCB, Dangote Cement Factory in Douala, and Britanica. Other columns include “Chantiers Publics,” “Chantier Priveacute,” “Chantiers Priveacute Cote Pratique,” “Qualiteacute-Hygiegravene-Seacutecuriteacute-Environnement,” “Le Plan du Bimestre” and “Carnet d’Adresses.”

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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