Lion Blessé Suffers First Defeat

Lion Blesseacute of Fotouni suffered their first defeat since the beginning of the championship this year. The defeat was inflicted on them by Unisport of the Upper Nkam Division on the 10th day of play at the municipal stadium in Bafang. Despite the defeat, Lion Blesseacute maintains the leadership position on the classification table with 18 points.

However, their days at the helm of the league table maybe numbered given the fact that they are barely three points away from Coton Sport in the third position with 15 points but with two delayed matches at hand. The first of the two delayed matches will coincidentally be against Lion Blesseacute. It will therefore be fireworks when both teams clash on Thursday, April 16th, as the winner of that encounter is surely going to take command of the championship.

Yong Sports conserved the runner up position despite playing a one-all draw against Botafogo on Sunday. Meanwhile, Apejes of Mfou beat Njalla Quan Academy 2-0 in an aanced day 10 match last Wednesday to move seven places up to join the top quartet on 15 points, whereas Bamboutos of Mbouda stagnated at the fifth position after playing a 1-1 draw against Tonnerre of Yaounde last Wednesday.

There has been a slight shake up at the bottom of the table where Cosmos now occupy the 16th position after bowing 1-2 to Panthere. However, the club from the Mbam division stands a chance of hoping out of the relegation zone when they take on Unisport in a delayed Day 10 encounter on Thursday. It has been dwindling fortunes for Njalla Quan and Canon who occupy the last but one and the Benjamin positions respectively after ten days of play.

Results of Day 10

Cosmos vs Panthere: 1-2

Fovu vs Union: 2-1

Astres vs New Stars: 1-0

Unisport vs Lion Blesseacute: 1-0

Botafogo vs Yong Sports: 1-1

UMS Loum vs Dragon: 1-2

Apejes vs Njalla Quan: 2-0

Tonnerre vs Bamboutos: 1-1

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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