League One Championship – Canon in Doldrums

They were again beaten 1-0 by Dragon as Kpa-Kum gun for their first victory since the beginning of the championship.

The ill luck continues for Canon of Yaounde who were again beaten 1-0 by Dragon on the ninth day of play of the league one championship on Saturday at the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium in Yaounde. The defeat sends the mythical club further down the drain as Canon is yet to win a victory since the beginning of the championship this year.

Their companions of misfortunes at the bottom of the league include Fovu, the first team below the relegation line on five points. Njalla Quan in the last but one position stands a chance of hoping out of the danger zone when they take on Cosmos in a delayed day nine encounter on April 16th.

The status quo is also maintained at the top of the league table where Lions Blesseacute of Fotouni conserved the top seat despite not playing this weekend. Owing to the fact that they were not involved in day nine action, Coton Sport dropped to the third position but with one delayed match in hand. News Stars was halted in their upward ascension by UMS of Loum who edged them 0-1 on the 9th day of play on Saturday.

Apejes was reaped of a chance to grab three points by bad weather in Yaounde. The encounter pitting them against Tonnerre was aborted due to heavy rains and wild winds when Apejes was leading by one goal. The match was rescheduled for yesterday.

Results of Day 9

Union vs Unisport 3-3

Dragon vs Canon 1-0

Fovu vs Astres 1-1

Panthere vs Botafogo 1-0

Bamboutos vs Yong Sports 0-1

News Stars vs UMS Loum 0-1

Njalla Quan vs Cosmos (deferred to April 16)

Lion Blesseacute vs Coton Sport (deferred to April 16)

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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