Kumba – Four Die On Christmas Day

The excitement and anxiety that characterized the 2014 Christmas celebration is gradually dying down, as the population enters the New Year 2015 come January 1, with a lot of enthusiasm.

The 2014 Christmas celebration in Kumba in Meme Division of the South West Region, was not that hitch-free as many cases of theft, assault and accidents were recorded some even resulting in loss of lives. Like in Fiango and Kosala neighbourhoods where a drunk, reckless driving couple at high speed made a face-on collision with motor bike riders, leaving four young men dead. This particular incident changed the face of Christmas in some homes, instead of feasting, they were weeping and transporting corpses to the mortuary.

Meanwhile, all markets across Meme Division were full to capacity as people were seen rushing up-and-down to pick one thing or the other for their dear ones. As we moved around on Christmas Day in Kumba, one could hear stories of fraudsters extorting money from their victims under the guise of spiritual cleansing and increasing their wealth.

There were also incidents of people’s wallets removed from their pockets as they were dancing and enjoying themselves all night long. Some casualties were also recorded, this time around not as a result of accidents, but due to fighting with broken bottles. This took many to hospital were some are still undergoing treatment.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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