Inteview – ‘I Remain a Member of the National Assembly’ [interview]

What is your plan of action now that you have been elected new Pan-African Parliament President?

My first priority is to popularise the Pan-African Parliament. Throughout Africa, the institution is not known by many people. Another big challenge is to turn the institution from a consultative body into a legislative body. To achieve both, I need the support of the Cameroonian Parliament.

You will still remain a member of the National Assembly in Cameroon. How will you run both functions?

Indeed, I am a member of the National Assembly from the Nyong and Mfoumou Constituency in the Centre Region. So, I will be shuttling between Yaounde and Midrand in South Africa. I will go to Midrand, work and come back to Cameroon to attend sessions here in the National Assembly. I cannot resign from my position as Member of the National Assembly. If I resign, I will lose my mandate in the Pan-African Parliament. So, I have to work in both institutions, simultaneously.

Does the concept of supranationality apply to the Pan-African Parliament and make it superior to parliaments of AU member States?

No, it does not. The National Assembly is the organ which legislates at the national level while the Pan-African Parliament operates at the continental level to take decisions. The Pan-African Parliament cannot take decisions in the place of the National Assembly in Cameroon. Both institutions are complementary and must work together.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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