Insightful Launch of New Judicial Year

The solemn ceremony on Thursrday February 26, 2015 was an opportunity for new leaders to set their work pace.

The 2015 judicial year has officially taken off in the country on the banner of the place of the judge in a State of law like Cameroon. The solemn reopening of the Supreme Court for the ongoing year took place at the ceremonial hall of the Supreme Court yesterday February 26, 2015 in the presence of the administrative, legislative and judicial arms of government led by their respective heads. Diplomatic representation was equally remarkable.

The maiden session for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Daniel Mekobe Sone and the Procureur General of the Supreme Court, Luc Ndjodo appointed late last year was an opportunity for the newly promoted to set the pace on which their stewardship would be based. In all solemnity, the session attended by Senate President, Marcel Niat Njifenji, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Cavayeacute Yeguieacute Djibril and the Prime Minister, Head of Government Philemon Yang, held in strict judicial provisions.

As is the tradition that the solemn opening harps on a particular topic, Daniel Mekobe Sone yesterday edified the audience on “the role of a judge in a State of law.” The State of law, he said, refers to one in which the political and administrative authorities function within the ambit of the law. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court noted that whether unique or collegiality, the judge must respect the laws in place and render justice within a reasonable deadline. He however acknowledged that judges face multifaceted constraints but observed that they must be guaranteed of independence from the administrative authorities, should have their consciences and respect the law with impartiality as a role rather than an exception.

The procedure, he observed, should be transparent and the ruling as clear as possible and rendered in public. This, as the decisions of a judge could be damaging to the socio-economic and political life of a country if the law doesn’t prevail. While enjoining the legal experts to evolve with the time, Daniel Mekobe Sone said judges have a role to play in instilling confidence in investors, whose investments are needed to attain desired growth objectives.

The discuss was preceded by the submission of the Procureur General of the Supreme Court, Luc Ndjodo who traced the judicial evolution of the country in 2014 notably with the homologation of an anti-terrorism law. He said it is in no way anti-democratic, but rather a tool to pre-empt disastrous protests as well as protect citizens from various punishments that could come with incriminating themselves as such. He also cited a series of legal instruments that guide the activities of man on a daily basis and on which the rule of law could prevail for national property to be preserved and protected for the good of all.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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