ICT – Inherent Opportunities, Risks

President Paul Biya in his recent address to the youth restated the importance of the computer age.

In his 2015 Youth Day address, President Paul Biya spoke of the benefits of Information and Communication Technologies, ICTs. Today’s economy is computer-dominated, necessitating focus on training of more technicians and engineers, he added. The Head of State went on to restate that the professionalisation of secondary and higher education seeks to meet the needs of this requirement.

ICT Benefits

There is no denying the fact that the aent of Information and Communication Technologies have significantly eased life, and as a result, created many job opportunities. The deployment of optical fibre across the country has not only fastened communication, but has improved the quality. Similarly, television pictures, mobile phone communication and Internet connection, have witnessed a great leap in quality. Faster Internet connectivity means less time and money spent in front of a computer in a cyber cafeacute or office.

Government has also ensured that the dividends of information technology are extended to schools thus the creation of multi-media centres where school children and students have access to computers and in some cases, Internet. The presence of these centres has not only boosted computer understanding among pupils and students, but opened up a new world of limitless opportunities through exposure to the Internet.

On the other hand, knowledge acquisition has been made easy through e-learning whereby students receive lectures from a distant school by Internet. The virtual or Open University system has thus enabled people to work and study at the same time. At the community level, the setting up of telecentres by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication has eased access to phone and Internet communication. Affordable rates have been set to enable the rural populace be in tune with their counterparts in urban centres where such facilities abound.

Beware Of Misuse!

While Information and Communication Technologies have come to make life easy, miscreants have taken aantage of it to wreak havoc on unsuspecting users. Thus, the aent of cyber criminality into our jargon today. Many youth have dropped out of school to focus on scamming as a shortcut to making it in life. Instead of using the Internet for good ends, some people have also turned it into an avenue for promoting pornography, money laundering and other criminal activities. This therefore calls for more caution on the part of youth. Surely, they cannot become the leaders of tomorrow in irresponsibility.

Source : Cameroon Tribune

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